Most delicious birthday cake + birthday present ideas

Yesterday it was my husbands turn to celebrate a birthday...we are quite busy with birthdays in the beginning of the year, as February, March and April are the months our little family celebrates them. I mentioned couple of times already, that we love celebrating birthdays, mainly due to the fact that we always would spend the whole day together, doing whatever we are feeling for. Shall the birthday fall on a working day, we would take the day off from work and kindergarten, which would make the whole birthday experience even more special.

The cake is a very important part of a birthday celebration in our family and I am always looking forward to try something new and special. This time I made a chocolate mascarpone cake with berries, a recipe from Linda Lomelino (Here). I am following her blog for some time now and am always amazed by her work. The pictures are unusual and so incredible special, you will simple fall in love, I promise.

I do admit my pictures are not as gorgeous as the original, but I can assure you the cake was just amazing. The combination of chocolate, mascarpone and fresh berries is incredibly good, a match made in heaven if I could say so. The cake is done quickly, the decoration takes literally just couple of minutes, the outcome however is more than amazing. 


Next to the cake, we would also spoil each other with some presents for the special day. I have to admit, when it comes to presents Pablo seems always to win, probably because it is so easy to find presents for him (for now at least). When it comes to my husband, it is exactly the opposite, I always struggle to organize him a present. He would not tell me what he needs or wishes for, as according to him, he does not need anything but us.  Can you see my dilemma?!?

This time he got a "wellness weekend at Costa Brava" coupon, something I really love to give away. I know that this is not only a present for him, but then again if he says he needs nothing but us, a weekend with us seems to be just perfect. Experience presents is something our family does appreciate and cherish a lot, this is also something we would give away on a regular basis.

Another small present he got, was a personalized photo book named "I love you". A book with many pictures of him and Pablo spending time together. Fitting to the picture there was a small sentence saying, why Pablo loves him so much....e.g. I love you, because I can fall asleep in your arms when I am tiered", the picture would show Pablo sleeping in the arms of my husband or "I love you, as you try to copy my style and we always look so alike" on the picture you would see the two most important men in my life wearing almost the same shirt. I believe you got the idea of the book by now. My husband just loved it, he was touched and so happy about the funny sayings to the nice pictures. Personal books are something you can always give away for different occasions...having a small sentence here and there, makes it more personal and special.