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Hot Summerdays in Sweden

Summer this year is very much summerly if I can say that, even here in Sweden and who would think that. I heard all the horror stories about rainy summers in Sweden before we moved here, one week of sun and then is over people would say, telling us if we really wanna exchange Spain for Sweden. Now, this is our first official summer in Sweden (I kind of do not count the last one as we were pretty much busy with the move) and I do not know what people were talking about. I mean if I should complain about Swedish summer it would be rather about all the hot days we have had since weeks already. I have got my lovely summer teint from countless beach visits, opening the beach season already in May.
With all the hot days we are having right now, our daily eating behaviours did change... well ice cream seems to be on the top of the list, followed by lots of veggies and fruits. Its rather light and more balanced, as we cannot really eat heavy food right now. I do believe you feel the same, as…

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