My name is Elwira. Kitchen is my favourite place in the house, it always was. As a kid I would spend hours there, watching my mom cooking. I discovered pretty early my love to cook and my passion for baking. There is no day I would not use my oven. Making a cake gives me a certain comfort, anytime I am not feeling good, I would go to the kitchen put on my oven, take out the ingredients and life would seem already so much better.

I was born in Tajikistan, grew up in Germany, married a Swedish man and am living in Spain (for time being). I would describe my cooking and baking as diverse and creative, as most of the time it is the inside of my refrigerator what gives me the lead, rather then a recipe. I love to put a personal note to a recipe I either found in one of my 1000 cooking and baking books I own or on one of the blogs I am following, but most of the time I am catching myself adding something additional or leaving something out, changing the recipe to my flavor.

I love cooking for my family, friends and my colleagues. If I would describe comfort... it would be bunch of people gathered around a big table filled which delicious food, having nice conversation and lots of laughter. Having friends and family in our house gives me that comfort... and so I do use all the special occasions, known to our little family of three, having some people invited to our house.

Starting a blog was an encouragement from my friends, I never thought that somebody would be interested in my recipes or my blog. One day however, January 2015, I decided just for fun to write my first post... after I finished it I felt so happy, proud and fulfilled and when I saw that there were actually people reading it (of course primary my family and friends) I felt encouraged and hooked up. 

I hope you will find some inspiration, recipes and useful tips on my blog and will have the same pleasure and happiness while cooking or baking my recipes....

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