Another classical cake you all might know.....

Finally Friday, I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward for the weekend to come. The week was a bit "crazy" and the fact that I will go for a "wellness weekend" with a friend tomorrow, without kid and husband, has certainly contribute to the whole "weekend excitement"...

Yes, you read correct...I am going away for a wellness weekend all by myself, leaving Pablo and my husband behind. This would be the first time I am leaving home overnight, since Pablo was born, you probably can imagine how I feel...the feelings are mixed, but still I am really looking forward for the nice break and some girly quality time. The hotel we are going to is located at the beach, the little seaside village should be a charm and the wellness program promises some magical treatments...I will report if all these promises could be held.

Enough of bragging! Before I leave for my well deserved get away, I would like to share another classical recipe with you, which can be tried out on weekend. Classical cake (as I am still on the classical path) with a modern twist so to say. I have to admit the twist came out of necessity, rather then out of creativity, but the outcome was just lovely and I think this is what finally counts.

You probably recognize the cake on the picture already...yes, I was talking about a classical Swiss Rolle. My husband surprised me with another box of fresh strawberries and the moment I saw and smelt the berries I could not help myself but thinking about a Swiss Rolle for dessert...As you probably know the classical Swiss Rolle is done with strawberry jam and whipped cream. Exactly this day however I run out of cream, but had another package of mascarpone cheese in the refrigerator and this is how I came to the twist. The cream got replaced by mascarpone cheese and the strawberry jam by fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Swiss rolle with mascarpone filling

  • 80 g sugar
  • 1 fresh vanilla pod (or vanilla sugar)
  • 3 eggs
  • 80 g flour
Preheat the oven to 180C and line your baking sheet with baking paper. In a big bowl beat together eggs, sugar and vanilla seeds till double in size and light in the color (use either electrical or stand mixer). Sift the flour and add it to the egg-sugar mixture, fold it in gently with a spatula. Pour the batter on the baking sheet, spread it equally and bake for 10-12 minutes, till golden brown. 
Wet a clean kitchen towel, put the cake layer (still hot and together with baking paper) on it and roll it together. Put it aside. This step is crucial and ensures the cake can be rolled to the role in the later stage without breaking apart.

  • 250 g mascarpone cheese (room temperature)
  • 1 package vanilla sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 2 -3 handful fresh strawberries
  • 1 tablespoon sugar

Wash the strawberries take one third of the berries and blitz them with sugar in a food processor. Put the bowl into the refrigerator. Cut the remaining strawberries in small pieces. Add mascarpone cheese, vanilla sugar and powdered sugar in a small bowl and whisk together till smooth and can add some milk if the cream appears too tight.

Roll out the cake layer and take away the baking paper, be careful not to tear it apart. Spread mascarpone cheese filling over the layer, pour strawberry puree over and spread equally too, finally top it with chopped strawberries and roll it together. Decorate it with some powdered sugar and strawberries slices.

The cake tastes fresh and early summer at the country side....late afternoon tea in the garden with sun high up and light wind breeze, bringing all the nice odors from the field flowers around the house...well this is at least what I am dreaming about, while eating the cake.

Try it out and tell me what you were dreaming about when you were eating the cake?