Do you believe in signs...

Today on the blog, another participation of "Cooking the chef" challenge, sharing the recipe from Carme Ruscalleda... another Spanish-Catalan Michelin chef, with an impressive career as chef and restaurant owner and wonderful dishes.

I found this very interesting dessert recipe from her, some weeks ago already, but got so preoccupied these days that I was already about to give up on the participation... till yesterday, the day I got some signs I could not simple ignore!! The dish is rather humble but very elegant and simple delicious, exactly my cup of coffee. The name of the dish "Plum cream & Teules", sounds gorgeous already, wouldn't you agree?

Back to the signs, coming home from work and decided to look at some cooking programs, to get bit distraction from the long busy day. And voila they would show a dessert program where teules are being made. I decided to oversee this one. The program eventually ended and by then I knew some tricks on how to create a perfect teule. I kept sitting at the sofa, still not willing to jump up from it. The second sign was just around the corner, new program started where they would present Spanish-Catalan Michelin chefs... and since the odds have spoken, today another recipe to be shared with you...

For the plum cream:
1kg ripe plums (yellow or red, as you prefer)
4 eggs
150g sugar
20g cornflour (Maizena)

For the teules:
185g sugar
3 egg whites
40g butter
20g flour
30g ground almonds

For the plums cream: Clean the plums. Cut them and remove the pits. Weigh the fruit pulp and add mineral water until it reaches 1kg. Blend it in the blender, pour into a saucepan and let it cook. In a bowl, mix eggs with sugar and corn flour. Add the egg mixture to the plum sauce, once it starts to boil. Mix and cook for another minute or so. Pour the cream into another dish or divide evenly in individual dishes and let cool off.
For the teules: Mix the egg whites with the sugar. It must become a homogenous mixture. Add the butter, flour and ground almonds to make fine dough. On a silicone tray, spoon out the dough making little round forms of approx. 5cm diameter.  Cook the cookies at 190ºC in the oven for 4 to 5 minutes.  While the cookies are still hot, remove them with a spatula and put them on a stainless steel tube of approx. 2cm diameter to achieve a round form. Once they are cold, reserve them in a hermetic box to protect them. Serve the plum cream with the teules