Easy fluffy pancakes for breakfast

Sunday is a day where we usually would sleep in, taking it very easy without rushing out of our beds. Having a nice breakfast all together, especially on Sundays we will take it very easy with breakfast taking our time to enjoy it, with no rush or pressure for any appointments and grocery shopping. On Sundays I usually would prepare something special for breakfast and pancakes are just perfect to spoil your family with. There are different kind of pancakes, depending where you are coming from... I am a big fan of the American pancakes version, mainly because of their lightness and fluffiness and because they taste the best with honey (you must know I am a honey freak)...

Today I am going to share a simple but very delicious pancake recipe with you, for the most fluffy pancakes you ever have been eaten... The dough is done within 3 minutes or even less and they can be served with everything you like...honey, Marple syrup, powdered sugar, bananas, fresh berries etc.

Fluffy Pancake
makes about 8 pancakes

  • 90 g flour
  • 1 egg 
  • 1-2 teaspoon sugar
  • 120 ml milk
Sift the flour in a bowl and mix it with sugar. Separate the egg and beat the egg white till firm peaks will form. Add milk and egg yolk to the flour and mix till all well combined. Add the egg white and fold it gently with a spatula till all well combined, make sure not to over mix it, otherwise you will break the air out of the egg whites, which will help tp rise the pancake during the cooking.
Preheat you frying pan on medium/high, grease it a bit with a neutral oil, take a good amount of the batter (I am always using the ice scream scoop for this) and put it into the pan. Flip the pancake after couple of seconds. The pancakes are cooking through very quickly....watch out not to burn them.
If you would like to make some of them with banana (see picture below)... then cut a banana in slices and put some slices on top before flipping the pancake... Serve with honey, powdered sugar, Marple syrup...