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Spring and Easter feelings

As much as we do appreciate winter season, we always cant wait for the spring to come. The light is what we miss the most in winter, ever since we moved to Sweden. Winter season here is very charming, but not with much daylight and in one point of time you start longing for spring and more sun.

Now, spring is here and you find yourself busy with all the preparations for the new season... house, garden, terrace. The days start getting longer, the temperatures are rising and your mood is changing. All of sudden you wanna leave the house and do something outside. You plan your first picnic, meet friends for biking or walking tour and take your first afternoon coffee outside at the terrace. Some of us manage to make their first barbecue of the year,  enjoying the fact that warmer season is upon us.
Our first picnics were done some weeks ago too, I was not losing much time and dragged my boys out as soon as the sun came out and the temperature reached two digits. The bikes are out from the…

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